With siding cleaning starting as low as only $220.00, MLG Soft Wash Restorations is your only choice for your exterior house cleaning. MLG Soft Wash is the pressure washing choice for PG County and Montgomery County.  And now is the perfect time to allow us to be your first and only choice when it comes to Siding Cleaning. 

"Why Pay More for the same Great Results?".  MLG Soft Wash is making cleaning the exterior of your house affordable.  We encourage your to watch our breif demo below to see how our process works.

Our desire is to not only allow the home owner to get their siding, deck, fence and concrete cleaned.  Our hope is that with the money saved the home owner will now be able to buy additional things to beautify their landscape and decks.


Traditional high pressure washing equipment can cause damage to your property. Because of this fact new techniques have been developed to create what is called Soft Wash. Power Washing for Maryland and PG County has beenchanged forever. This innovative process was developed to protect YOUR property! Utilizing Soft Wash methods, combined with our high quality Eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we are now able to give your property a maximum level of cleanliness without the risk of damage from traditional pressure washing methods. This means that your siding, windows, and roof tops will be safe from the high pressure that can cause damage. This process consists of applying a solution that has been tailored to clean your surfaces. The solution  is formulated based on the degree of build-up and the removal complexities of your surfaces. We then rinse away the unwanted dirt and grime, etc., while using low pressure to guarantee the safety of your roof, siding, windows & screens. Soft Washing techniques, along with leading industry methods, allow us to clean 4 and 5 story structures without the use of ladders or scaffolding; leaving no chance of the ladder slipping and leaving marks along the side of your home, breaking a window or causing bodily harm. Soft Washing assures you that your property will not be damaged by the force of too much water pressure and allows the technicians to focus on the cleaning and restoration of your property.



Siding Restoration

Who is MLG Soft Restorations?


We are a team of exterior house and commerical building professionals with a wide variety of skills and experiences.  We clean and restore decks, siding, fences, sheds, brick and concrete surfaces. We guarantee reasonable rates and quality services.


We have the professional know how to solve your house or commerical building cleaning problems; whether you are looking for the right tools, skilled technicians or the best price.