With prices starting as low as $62.50 per side* for siding cleaning, MLG Soft Wash is quicly becoming the choice for power washing in PG County and the choice for pressure washing Montgomery County

If you could buy a Rolls Royce for the price of a Honda, would you?  MLG believes that all of our customers deserve the same option. We offer the same quailty work as the biggest of our competitors for a very affordable price.


We also beleive that you truly get what you pay for. The only difference is that we beleive that our competitors over charge for the same quality work.


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There is an art to siding cleaning and PG County Maryland residents and the metropolitan area properties can be difficult because of the weather we have in our area. And the old traditional methods of pressure washing is now known to do more damage to your siding then once thought.  Did you know that dust, dirt, pollen, grime and bacteria sticks to vinyl siding?  And are you aware that trees and bushes produce airborne sugars that drift through the wind and attach to vinyl siding also? This nearly invisible layer of sugar is a food source for mold, mildew and some algae.  Not only does the coating of mold and dirt look unsightly, it also decreases the value of your home.


Over a period of time, these pollutants will cause your siding to grow dingy and dull.  Because the deterioration occurs slowly, homeowners are often not fully aware of how damaged their siding has become.  Not only does the coating of mold and dirt look unsightly, it also decreases the value of your home.  But the hardest truth of them all is the fact that simply pressure washing your siding does not kill these pollutants.  When you pressure wash, these pollutants continue to grow and it usually takes a couple of months before the unsightly mold, mildew and bacteria returns.


Because siding is designed to shed water falling from the sky--not water that is shot up from the ground--cleaning it is a special challenge.  MLG Soft Wash uses a safer and more effective method to prevent excessive amounts of pressurized water from seeping behind your siding.  The wood sheathing and framing lumber can easily get wet if water is directed at the edge of the siding, at the seams, at siding overlaps, at corners, and next to windows and doors.  Once water gets under the siding, it begins to rot underlying  wood structures and foster mold and mildew growth.


MLG uses a combination of several environmentally safe cleaning solutions that we continually apply to the affected areas of your siding and trim until virtually all mold and mildew, dirt and grime, bacteria, and all other pollutants, are removed.  This is done with very little water pressure to prevent water seepage.


One of the most appreciated benefits of Soft Wash over pressure washing is the ability to remove the oxygenation (brown and gray discolorations) in paint and siding.  Our cleaning solution will also remove about 95% of all tiger marks (black streaks on your gutters). Many spots and stains that may have been on your home for many years will disappear.


We don’t stop there!! We also add two additional formulas to our cleaning solution--'A Waxer’ and ‘A Window Cleaner'.  These formulas give your home an extra bonus. ‘The Waxer’ applies a protective coating to your siding to prevent the build up of mold, dirt and grime. 'The Window Cleaner' will leave the exterior of your windows clean and streak free.