MLG Soft Wash Specailizes in Deck Cleaning for PG County and Maryland residents! Pressure Washing now has technology.

Fence and Deck cleaning for PG County Maryland residents has forever been changed.  Do you look at your deck and assume there is no hope for it? Our deck cleaning process is for the housekeeper in Maryland. And with the updates in the  technology of pressure washing there is now hope for your deck. The green mold spots, along with the dark gray stains, leave most homeowners thinking that destroying the deck and building a new one is the only solution. We at MLG Soft Wash specialize in restoring damaged decks. Though some decks are truly beyond being helped, we find that our cleaning process has brought many dead decks ‘back to life’.


The fact that all decks are different means that the cleaning process for every deck also varies.  The type of wood, stain (if any), and other factors such as sunlight and rain determine the process needed to clean each deck.  Sunlight does more damage to your deck than any other outside force. The UV rays destroy the protective layers on your wood which cause rotting and warping that may appear to come from water.


We restore decks and fences using the following 7 step process:


  1. Treat or Strip the wood of all grime and color.
  2. Thoroughly wash wood.
  3. Rinse wood.
  4. Neutralize deck/fence (whether the deck is stained or cleaned, it must be neutralized to restore the ph balance to its natural state).
  5. Sand deck/fence (sanding the wood surface removes a great deal of splintered wood and fuzzed wood).  
  6. Re-set nails on the deck where able.
  7. Seal/Stain (We recommend that all decks or fences be sealed or stained. It is the UV rays that does the most damage to wood and not rain, as a lot of people assume. A properly maintained deck or fence can last as long as your house.



NOTE: Decks and fences with latex-based stains and paint CANNOT be completely removed.