With the cost of siding cleaning in Chevy Chase Maryland becoming more and more affordable, now is the time for spring cleaning. How can you resist siding cleaning that starts at just $62.50 per side. There are many practical and industrial uses for Chevy Chase pressure cleaning. Is your concrete patio growing moss? Are you tired of mold or mildew stains' unsightly marks on your vinyl siding? Does your driveway contain an ancient oil spill from years ago? All these problems and more can be solved through the magic of pressure washing in Chevy Chase, MD. Pressure cleaning removes even the toughest, most caked on stains and eyesores with a high pressure water gun system. It's the best method for taking out that old gum that cemented on the sidewalk, candy that's been trampled into your patio, or dry, cracked paint that won't come off of your old shed. Siding Cleaning for Chevy Chase, MD homes has never been easier or more affordable. Call (240)245-0345 today and find out how much you can save. Estimates are free.  When it comes to power washing in Chevy Chase Maryland, MLG is the first choice.