Because siding covers 60-80% of your home, cleaning it can greatly improve the look and feel of your home.  After years of exposure to the sun, rain, hail, sleet, and snow, home siding, whether aluminum, wood, or vinyl, starts accumulating algae, mold, and other undesirable stains that can make your house look outdated and dirty, maybe even filthy. But, MLG Soft Wash Restorations, has the solutions for siding cleaning in Damascus Maryland. Although the rest of your home may look great, dirty aluminum, vinyl, or wood siding says to neighbors and passerbys “I don’t care about my home’s appearance.” With the heavy woods, siding cleaning in Damascus Maryland is a challanging job. To avoid portraying this inaccurate image, it’s important to have your home siding cleaned every few years by a professional pressure washing service in Damascus Maryland.

MLG Soft Wash’ professional pressure washers are dedicated to cleaning your home siding without damaging it or leaving the job undone.  We’ve always prided ourselves on our work and experience, training our pressure washers to take care in their jobs and treat each home siding cleaning project differently.

We also do gutter “whitening” to make your gutters and downspouts look new again.

For a free home siding cleaning quote, contact us today: 240-245-0345. Allow MLG Soft Wash be the answer for all your needs for siding cleaning in Damascus Maryland.